1. Juice
    Obviously a J begins THAT word. Just you wait, this list is Just getting started!
  2. Just
    Just starts with a J too. Just you wait, this list is JUST getting started!
  3. Jay
    Maybe it's a blueJay or the popular 90s band The Jayhawks. Jay starts with J, ya dig?
  4. Jiggy
    Get Jiggy with it baby! Jiggy is a word Will Smith made up because he knew J is a hot letter! He even named his son after a J!
  5. Joker
    Why so serious!? Joker said that line in the movie Dark Knight. Joker comes from the word Joke, a funny type of riddle. Just you wait, we're Just getting started.
  6. Judicial
    Ooh, getting a little political all up in this J list. Hope I'm not Jumping the gun when I say Donald Trump will be our next president! Looking forward to it!
  7. Jacob
    Remember Team Edward and Team Jacob from the movies? Well I'm Team J!