1. "Good morning"
    Usually shoots start in the morning so I like to greet people with this common phrase we use in "the biz"
  2. "How are you?"
    Some people use this phrase as a nice thing to say, but us in "the biz" are very genuine people and really want to know how people are.
  3. "I'm a bit tired but who isn't"
    Again, in "the biz" most shoots start in the early morning so my response to people who ask how I am is usually the above. Being a director my nights are always pretty crazy. Filled with exactly what you would think... Hulu and netflix marathons. And the occasional long Boom Beach session.
  4. "Oh no you go ahead"
    Sometimes in "the biz" two people are walking towards the same thing at the same time. Being a gentleman I always let the other person go first.
  5. "What are we having for lunch?"
    In "the biz" we get free lunches on set but usually it's not our choice so we just have to put up with whatever is ordered for us. I usually ask this question to mentally prepare myself for what's to come.
  6. "Aaannnnd action"
    This seems to be some weird ritual in "the biz" that I just go along with because I figure why not.
  7. "Cut"
    Another weird ritual in "the biz" that I just don't understand.
  8. "Thanks for helping out"
    It's polite to thank people for helping you out. And when you're working in "the biz" there are a lot of people on set to help you with your work. Since I'm a good person I say this a lot.
  9. "Drive safe"
    Lots of people drive to work here in "the biz" so I like to wish them well on their way home or wherever they need to go.
  10. "Fuck you!"
    I say this to whoever crosses me and/or makes fun of me when I use the phrase "the biz" because fuck em.