A list of things that are currently overrated
  1. That new song by Adele
    The first time I listened to it I kept losing focus and I thought "hello, it's me and I really need to buy some groceries"
  2. "Hello" by Adele
    The second time I listened to it I thought, "okay you might cry but just let it happen." But then I never did cry. In fact I just kept looking over my grocery list.
  3. Adele's latest hit: "Hello"
    I mean sure she has a great voice but does it really need to be on the radio all the time? I mean sometimes I just want to listen to some sweet hip hop before going grocery shopping but nope that damn Adele song is all over the airwaves.
  4. This song I heard on the radio
    I believe it was called "Hello" by Adele? I don't know. Anyway, it came on when I was driving to get groceries today and I decided to listen to it and really focus. So I pulled over and just sat there listening. I ended up falling asleep.
  5. That new song everyone's talking about
    I was able to get to the grocery store before closing because I fell asleep in my car when I saw a good friend in the Parking lot. She was crying so I asked what was wrong and she said nothing she just listened to Adele's latest hit and it made her emotional. I said sorry I don't know what you mean and walked inside to get some groceries.
  6. Kale
    It just doesn't taste good.