1. Didn't drink enough water
    Sometimes when you get dehydrated you get a headache. Kind of annoying because you're already thirsty why do you also have to have a headache too.
  2. I've been staring at too many screens
    I, like a lot of others, spend much of my day in front of a computer and then in front of my phone and then my iPad and then my tv and at some point probably all of them combined. #oops
  3. It's too bright in my room
    There are a lot of lights on. Not only is it a waste of electricity but it also might be giving me a headache. #yuck
  4. I didn't eat enough today
    Same as the water thing but with food. Crazy, right? #LetThemEatCakeOrAnythingElse
  5. Brain cancer
    Self explanatory.
  6. Someone cursed me
    I'll find out who you are and I'll hunt you down. I don't know what I did to deserve such a terrible punishment but you're gonna pay. #✌🏻️