Movies af
  1. Goodfellas. Mamma mia this movie is hotter than a fresh one coming out the oven in Brooklyn. Ray liotta does a great job portraying a real character
  2. Zodiac. I thought it was the perfect length plus serial killers are the most interesting thing ever hands down. Also check out slayer's song about the zodiac killer (Gemini)
  3. Star Wars episode V: although not as good as the first one this movie is banging. Every character is cool af no matter what side they're on making it an interesting film at all times
  4. The Dark Night: I'm batman. The second film in the trilogy and easily the best. Nolan turns the kid hero batman into a character people of all ages can marvel at. Very dark too p cool.
  5. Memento. don't remember what happens 😜
  6. The social network: very emotional film about the makings of Facebook. Brilliant score too
  7. Inherent vice: Phoenix is very comical but still keeps it legit In this recent masterpiece
  8. 12 angry men: we watched it in school so I slept through most of it. It's a classic tho and a good one at that.
  9. Usual suspects: Benicio del toro is in this movie 😎
  10. Network: a little too satirical for me.