Ten things I'm looking forward to in 2017!

I made a list. I hope you don't hate me. No real order to this list.
  1. Turning 21!
    I think I'll have maybe two beers
  2. Cooking!
    Gordon Ramsey is teaching me on YouTube and the tasty videos.
  3. Movies!
    Particularly excited for movies directed by Zach Braff, M Night Shamalyan, and JJ Abrams
  4. Dogs!
    All my dogs died or will by the time 2017 rolls around and hopefully, God willing my parents will get another dog to fill that furry hole in our family.
  5. Ice Skating
    I have invested in a pair of ice skates and I'm planning on getting really good at this. Catch me falling on my ass at the rink ;)
  6. Jesus
    I like how I'm growing up in real life and growing in my faith. It's a nice parallel that also complements each other!
  7. Upper Level Classes
    I can't wait to learn stuff I'll actually use in real life. I mean that is what college is for? Right?
  8. New Phone?
    I don't know what it will be but I don't want it to blow up...
  9. Nintendo Switch
    I'm ready to play Mario and Luigi until 3 am every day and eat lucky charms till I die or get to busy with real life stuff
  10. Spontaneous Road Trip?
    Please? Friends please? I really want to go even if it is planned or if it is super spontaneous. Even if it is to somewhere super boring or interesting preferably!