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  1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    JTT cast against type as a complete scumbag in a Tarantino movie is something I would very much like to see.
  2. Bruce Campbell
    Not that Bruce really needs the career help but it seems insane that he hasn't been in a Tarantino movie yet.
  3. Kel Mitchell
    Keenan is doing ok but we all know Kel was the reason we ever watched Keenan and Kel, Good Burger or All That.
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  1. Geebung
    A town on the Caboolture train line in Queensland. "Stop being a Geebung!"
  2. Queeborg
    I have no idea what this means or where it came from but I like to use it.
  3. Slick Fist
    Wanker, "That guy is a total slick fist."
I didn't want to wait until I was dying to complete my bucket list so here it is.
  1. Red Bucket
  2. Green Bucket
  3. Blue Bucket
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