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because of you. Picture in a frame. Leaves of Barley . (4 Fast Car & 5 ) I dreamed a dream
  1. 1 Kelly Clarkson
  2. 2 Rod Stewarts
    But do i adore his sexy voice
  3. 3 Sting
    He should be first and I joyed Him as a Police Don't know why or who he wrote this song for Ok.
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Great for cocktail reunion party. The words That Get me That I can translate because it may be Unapropriate to the point, that make Friends jealousy and turn on each other.
  1. Then There is the word (Chasque) More Modern use Is abrupt-
    Some one that don't Give any rashionale care of Peoples Feelings . Only Me I was In a third Party and the Other person was drunk Calling names Like SOB it was the meeting and Time plus Jealousy. don't try the B word ... ok
  2. Have you been called a complete intellectual a geek Ha that ok so have I
    Dont worry There Competing ness I s good For grades in a classroom.
  3. My Third word party mood, A so called stuck in mud! (party poop)
    Someone in a slow bar or room that's Eather Singing or Hosting With The worst crowd The Buzz Is In The drinks served but youre party skills Suck.
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