Your grandma is a very nice lady, and she loves you. Everyone knows this. It's the way it is.
  1. Grandma compliments your hat.
    Because your hair is not really cutting it under there.
  2. Grandma saves you all the freebies from her expensive makeup line.
    You're welcome for the help on that mish mash of a complexion.
  3. Grandma accepts the wine you brought to dinner.
    She can serve it to the people who forgot to bring a dish.
  4. Grandma makes you cookies.
    Which hopefully will go to your boyish hips, not that there's anything wrong with them, but they didn't come from her side of the family.
  5. Grandma read the book you reccomended.
    And she's praying for you.
  6. Grandma says you have an eye for photography.
    Therefore, you can take all family photos instead of ruining them with your awkward picture smile.
  7. Grandma supports your outfit choice.
    Don't listen your mother. Boys need to know you will sleep with them solely based on your clothes. Otherwise, good luck. Your grandma said that.
  8. Grandma brings you to afternoon tea.
    So you can see what elegance looks like for once in your life. Unlike your father's parents who, according to grandma, wouldn't know class if it hit them in the face.
  9. Grandma takes an interest in your blog.
    Because the background looks pretty. Maybe you can show your cousin how to get it to look like that because she has real writing talent.
  10. Grandma knits you a blanket.
    She doubts you'll be taking any other source of warmth to your bed any time soon.
  11. Grandma just went ahead and gave you your inheritance early.
    Beacuse, ya know. Where is this career path really taking you?
  12. Grandma told you she's proud.
    But mostly of herself. Most deservedly.