Inspired by @grumpus and because the pad of paper is so far from the sofa.
  1. Renew website domain
    I haven't updated the site since 2012, but the domain name is 💯
  2. Annual maintenance fees, pay
    Car registration, Roth IRA management
  3. Buy calendars
    One for the kitchen, one for my office. I will forever be analog when it comes to tracking appointments.
  4. Buy day planner
    Another way I remain analog. Have narrowed it down to three: The Desire Map planner (gorgeous, pricy), Planner Pad (my usual) or basic Moleskine. I will probably choose the Moleskine this year.
  5. Dry cleaning
    Love the merino sweaters I scored at the J. Crew outlet, didn't check the care tags until after I wore them all multiple times.
  6. Take the Adirondack chairs off the porch and store
    Was warm enough on Christmas to have champagne cocktails outside, but a "snow event" is forecast for early in the week.
  7. Find and call a roofer
    A piece of siding trim fell off the house. It connects to the highest pitch if the New Englander we live in. SO says must be addressed before hardcore winter sets in. I am skeptical, but know nothing about siding.
  8. Cook for a friend, deliver the meals
    Says friend was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve after a heart attack. She lives alone and I want to support her recovery any way I can.
  9. Wax my upper lip
  10. Prep for new year's detox
    Starting a smoothie/blended soup cleanse on NYE. What? It's not like I would go out anyway.
  11. Write thank you notes
    Yes, I actually do this.
  12. Un-decorate the house for the holiday
    I might leave the twinkle lights, but if everything isn't put away by January 1st, I get twitchy.
  13. Finish reading Purity
    I hate carrying a book over from one year to the next. Which tab in my book journal workbook does it go? The year I started or finished it?