Pretending that the Dalai Lama is coming for tea helps.
  1. Folding laundry
    Especially t-shirts. I like way:
  2. Washing floors
    On my hands and knees with a bucket of hot water and sturdy cotton cloths. I draw the line at using a toothbrush.
  3. Doing the dishes
    Except wine glasses. I hate washing wine glasses, which probably means they are my greatest teacher. Sigh.
  4. Making the bed
    I wouldn't let the Dali Lama--or any houseguest for that matter--get into an unmade or otherwise unkempt bed, so why would I? Smoothing sheets, straightening blankets, plumping pillows...the only thing better is getting back in at bedtime.
  5. Ironing
    Oh, wait. I don't do that.