You would probably not guess that I am a digital strategist/web programmer/SEM data analyst.
  1. My standing desk
    Life and lower back changing.
  2. Work surface
    Behind me, parallel to my desk. Silly tissues, Day planner (I am old fashioned), moleskine notebook for non-work ideas that come through at work and my pencil case because I am in the 5th grade apparently and also a snob about writing implements (our office supplies suck).
  3. My altar-away-from-home
    Wide shot. That candle is destined for a re-gift. Love the giver, but it smells like Johnson's baby aspirin.
  4. Altar item #1
    Ascended master card of the month, aka, one possible to answer to, "What energy is most helpful right now?". This is Hina, a Hawaiian goddess associated with freedom. She is propped up on my mini Buddha board.
  5. Altar items #2 and #3
    Yoga Jane Bender is meditating in "nature". Her elephant friend was part of a collection my SO's sister had (she died last year from ALS complications--I asked her husband if I could keep one of her elephants and this is the one I chose).
  6. Altar item #4
    Protection Mandala. Gift from a former office mate (@mrswsmagic) during a Difficult Time.
  7. Altar item #5
    My team knows me well. Not that they actually follow this advice when I drink from this...that's why the prayer flags are there.
  8. Altar item #6
    Lest you think it's 24/7 love and light over here.
  9. Crystals of the day
    In a pinch, they can also be used to bean someone on the head. Today I have a solar fire andara (red, glowing), brecciated jasper (yet another gift from @mrs wsmagic) and unidentified pink fella that was charged in some crazy super moon energy grid.
  10. Not-really-but-sort-of-altar-items #7-#10
    The books and minimalist mug needed a home though, and this placement balances the overall design/layout. The facial list and hand cream are winter necessities. In the background is a bell to ring in good fortune (another gift from @mrs wsmagic).
  11. Compassionate Eyes of Buddha
    Or Dr. TJ Eckleburg: you decide. Above him is tea bag wisdom urging me to live by intuition and consciousness.
  12. Same Buddha eyes with various South American accents
    Clay whistle, drawstring pouches, ribbons, more tea bag wisdom that is so faded it's unreadable.
  13. Yours truly
    Getting shit done.