Saturday, 11/7/15
  1. I am up and moving.
    From the SO, while I was at the car dealership. Up and moving is good. We are middle aged. Anything could happen.
  2. Gorgeous sunny day and 13! Going for a walk with the Mace!
    The Mace is my brother's dog, the sunny and 13 (degrees) is happening in Snowmass, CO
  3. 700lbs of food moved and stacked and I have boob sweat. Boo.
    A good friend's occupational hazard.
  4. Thanks Honey! A great day so far. Twinkle on your own self!!!! Love you.
    Response to birthday greetings for a long-time friend. I still haven't figured out how to twinkle.
  5. Hey. If you've got a second to chat today let me know. Thanks.
    From a vendor. It was all good news.