The For Sale sign next door came down yesterday
  1. Friendly, but not too friendly
    It would be nice to make relationships in the neighborhood, but I live with medium-grade fear that people will want more time, energy and effort than my INFJ self can safely give.
  2. Quiet, but not too quiet
    I don't want to be wondering what goes on in their basement.
  3. Observant, but not too observant
    Being generally aware of our comings and goings and what is/isn't normal activity around our house is good. Dropping by to ask what was in all those packages from Amazon is not.
  4. Prideful owners, but not too prideful
    We put a lot of money into the side yard that abuts their lawn. They have some gnarly hedges full of prickers and a neglected border garden that need consistent attention not to look like a vacant lot, but neither do we want to be tacitly lured into lawn wars and find ourselves competing for imaginary awards, or worse, arguing over whose responsibility it is to weed along the property line. God, I sound old and cranky.
  5. Cat people--oops, no go.
    There is a Yorkie doing his business in the yard while I'm writing this. His name is Eddie, as in, "Eddie, be quiet." Note: I love all animals, but the yard is outside the bedroom window and Barking dogs aren't my ideal wake-up call. Never mind think, I might actually BE old and cranky.
  6. Non ListAppers
    Not that I need a cover, but if I ever did, I don't want it blown.