1. Stain removal
    One of the cats vomited on a corner of the down coverlet overnight. Trying to avoid having to wash the whole damned thing.
  2. Reorganized the pantry
    Like items need to be together and shelves must be faced so I can feel like I am winning at something. Also tossed a pound of sunflower seeds that smelled like paint thinner. WTF did we but a pound of sunflower seeds for? Obviously, we had no idea.
  3. Stain removal, continued
    Weekly Keurig cleaning led to a coffee sludge slide that made it off the counter and into the wool scatter rug before I could stop it. Sometimes blotting works: this was my lucky day.
  4. Set up the Soda Stream we received as an early Christmas gift
    Too scared to use it yet.
  5. Laundry
    Three loads.
  6. Cleaned out the refrigerator
    Does miso paste go bad? How is there cat hair in here? Liquid arugula. In addition to not keeping up with the Kardashians, am not keeping up with produce rotting timelines.
  7. Made a grocery list
    We are lousy with coconut water, nut milk and tea, but almost out of Advil and anything resembling a vegetable.
  8. Read your lists
  9. Made this list