5 photos. That could've been Greatest of All Time

Black Excellence
  1. Black Wall Street
    600 Business, 21 Churches, 21 Restaurants, 30 Grocery Stores, 6 Private Planes, 2 Movie Theaters, 1 Hospital, 1 Bank and its own school system! But they burned it all down.
  2. Malcolm X
    Just as Great as M.L.K
  3. Black Panther Party
    Ah! The B.P.P, you know what? Make up your own mind about them. But do your research
  4. Black Potential
    Can you imagine, the number of slaves taken and the taken that didn't even make it to the new world.
  5. Black History
    Well the entire truth about it anyway, now we have debates about what really happened vs what we're told to believe...