I grew up on hockey. I'm extremely lucky to live in a town that has a professional hockey team in it (the Utica Comets, AHL. They are the Vancouver Canucks farm team). I came up as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan too (I blame CKWS's hockey night in Canada for it. As well as CuJo, Sundin, Domi, Tucker, & Quinn).
  1. It's fast!
    The pace of the game is so engaging. They switch between offense & defense in just moments. Unlike most sports, they have frequent substitutions (aka line changes) they have been done quickly & effectively otherwise they risk getting scored on.
  2. Hockey players are tough as fuck!
    This photo is of Joe LaBate. This is him after a fight. Barely 5 minutes later he scored a goal. They literally stitched him up & he went back out to play. Bruins' Greg Campbell broke his leg blocking a shot in the playoffs & played defense for an entire minute before heading to the bench.
  3. The fights!
    Everyone loves a good fight, but most casual fans may not understand why they fight. Like all sports hockey has rules, but hockey also has its "own rules". If someone hits a star player with a big check, you have to be ready to defend your actions with your fists. If your team needs a spark to get itself going, a player may find someone else who wants to fight & they will go at it in order to fire up their teammates.
  4. The goals!
    Hockey goals can be dirty, gritty, &/or sexy all at the same time. The fan responses to home team goals only makes them more exciting. https://youtu.be/edyQGxDYIlI
  5. The hits!
    No football tackle will ever be able to top a guy being put through plexiglass or launched into a bench. https://youtu.be/v9EtLGwrJ58