A combination of episode themes & boxes
  1. Episode: high times
    Have 4 super stoned chefs cook. The judges will be sober.
  2. Episode: prison
    Have 4 chefs cook items found in prisons. Or have 4 prisoners cook.
  3. Box: sherry vinegar, Twinkie, pomegranate, leather pants.
  4. Box: capers, salami, beef jerky, rawhide bone.
  5. Episode: cardio blast
    The only way for the chefs to power the stove is to use a workout bike.
  6. Episode: fear factor
    All items in the boxes will have been used in the show fear factor.
  7. Box: chicken sausage, broccoli, ritz crackers, bubblegum.
  8. Box: heavy cream, grenadine, oatmeal, hot wheels car.
  9. Box: stuffed shells, habanero peppers, turkey gravy, one ugg.
  10. Episode: one handed
    All chefs will have one hand tied behind their back for the entire episode.
  11. Episode: royal rumble
    A regular episode except that there will be on one cooking station that the chefs must fight to use. Also the Royal Family will judge.
  12. Box: grape leaves, plantains, clams, a wig.
  13. Box: Kool-aid, Ben & jerry's Phish Phood, Thai basil, cup of dirt.
  14. Box: salmon, guava, mint, the wicket basket itself.
  15. Episode: so you think you can dance crossover
    Not only will each chef have to cook using the mystery box ingredients, but they will have to dance throughout the entire 30 minute cooking period. They will be judged on their cooking & dancing.