Aka Preparing to die alone.
  2. Tinder: the home to thousands of spam profiles.
    Instagram models don't live in the middle of nowhere, NY. Also they have males names or completely butchered names.
  3. Zoosk: a great place to have your loneliness nickeled & dimed.
    It's basically a freemium dating site.
  4. Match: come see all of the people that no longer use our site.
    You can't find a date when discarded profile keep showing up. If someone hasn't been one the site in a few months, take them out of rotation.
  5. OkCupid: if you're lonely & miss MySpace quizzes, then we have what you're looking for.
    Stupid questions are used to match you to people.
  7. When a woman lists "stay at home mom" as her job.
    How can you affordable to be single?
  8. Pictures of their baby
    I'm not talking about a picture with their baby, but rather a photo of just their baby. I get that it is important to be okay with your child, but this isn't Facebook.
  9. The "Monroe piercing".
    An upper lip stud doesn't look like a birthmark & looks trashy as fuck.
  10. All pictures have the same guy in them.
    If he is an ex, it's not a good sign that you're using all the pictures you have with him. If he is your current boyfriend, then you are a scumbag.
  11. Shooting guns photo.
    CNY is basically Texas, but with less BBQ, better Italian food, & a deeper love of hockey.
  12. Camo clothes
    (See shooting guns photo for reasons)
  14. Nothing but group photos
    If all of your photos are the classic group photo, how am I supposed to know which one is the single one?
  15. Memes
    Lolcatz definitely isn't helping anyone get laid on tinder.
  16. Landscape pictures
    Why would you post anything, but pictures of yourself? Has putting up pictures of the Adirondack helped anyone find a date?
  17. Ratchet Photos
    Black & White photo, but your lips & nails have unnatural colors. Glitter bubble writing calling yourself "queen" or something. The same picture, but in three frames within the same photo.
  18. When guys totally botch their info.
    Nothing is more jarring than flipping through a match section & seeing a "bro" with a shit hair cut & even worse facial hair. In order for me to have seen their profile, they would have to put that they are a woman looking for a man. These "Bros" definitely aren't trans either.