I bought one after the discontinuation a few years ago.
  1. Hard Drive Space
    160 gigs allows me to put all of the music I have on it without having to compromise.
  2. It's Untethered From Data
    All you need to use it is battery life & music. I don't need to worry about connectivity.
  3. It's Strictly Business: Music
    Apps are fun & great, but can eat up space. I love have an iPod simply for music & nothing else. I have an iPhone so I already have a device to use apps on.
  4. Doesn't Get Interrupted By Phone Calls
    I like so many Americans had to break up with my abusive college girlfriend, Sallie Mae. She still calls me to say hi, the worst is when she would call while I was listening to music on my phone. It's bad enough that I have to struggle to pay her to leave me alone, but can't she just respect me during my favorite songs?!?! Well thanks to my iPod Classic, I can blissfully ignore her without sacrificing any of my enjoyment.
  5. The Simple Controls
    I feel that I find what I'm looking for faster on my iPod than when I was using my iPhone.