Sure...Lets do a list introducing myself.

  1. My name is Max.
  2. I am the youngest twin. My twin doesn't use this app. We are fraternal twins. He got all of the good genes (like a high metabolism & abs) & I...
  3. Have been a T1D since the age of 3.
    I want a tattoo that reads "T1 since '91"
  4. I have two other siblings besides a twin.
    My "younger" brother is the family athlete. He used to train MMA with Matt "The Hammer" Hamill when he was in his prime! He is 6'0 & built like a brick shithouse. He also played hockey with Utica Comet/Vancouver Canuck Mike Zalewski. Hence when I have to call him my "younger" brother & not little brother. My little sister just graduated from St. Lawrence University.
  5. I was twice accepted to Berklee College of Music.
    I originally went to Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. I transferred to Berklee upon my second acceptance in 2008, but I couldn't get any financial aid. THANKS BUSH 👎
  6. I had 7 years of music lessons from the incredible Carmen Caramanica!!
    He was Lou Rawls music director for a while. His most famous student is the amazing Joe Bonamassa.
  7. Hockey is really the only sport I truly love.
    Utica, NY is a hockey hotbed. My father has been the PA announcer in the Utica Memorial Auditorium for 30+ years. We were the home to the Utica Devils were legends like Martin Broduer, Claude Vilgrain, Bill Guerin, Valeri Zelepukin & many more played. I also grew up & still am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. That is all Mats Sundin, Curtis Joseph, Tie Domi, & Pat Quinn's fault. Currently we are the home to the Canucks AHL team, the Utica Comets.
  8. I took a risk & lost it all!
    My family went through a very rough patch. Long story short, we bought radio stations & put almost everything into them. They failed & I have been financially ruined ever since.
  9. I am somewhat of a hipster & I don't have a problem with that.
    I'm talking real hipsterism, like Justice era EDM. I was one of the people that thought Rusko was going to ruin EDM & then Skrillex actually did. I had a closet full of thrift store tweed jackets because I couldn't even afford JCPenny blazers. I prefer my iPod classic to any & all streaming.
  10. I hate when people smear Millennials.
    I was there in 08. I watched it all fall apart from my dorm room. My generation didn't tank this country.
  11. I'm an unrepentant Liberal.
    Accountability & Healthcare are my priority issues.
  12. I was hit by a car once!
    True story: I was riding my shitty Walmart bike when I was 14. The breaks didn't work because it was missing a lug nut on the front tire so it was off balance. The person who hit me was a doctor on his way to work. He gave me a ride home & lied to my father saying I hit him. He was in OR scrubs too!
  13. All of my brothers are musicians as well.
    My twin plays keys & guitar. My younger brother plays drums. I play bass & sing primarily. We used to play "Baba O'Reilly" (the greatest song ever written in my opinion), "Sweet Jane (one of the greatest songs ever written) with the Rock N Roll Animal intro" & "Life on Mars" (possibly the second greatest song ever written).
  14. I firmly believe that pet fur is the new business casual & that regular business casual is the new formal.
    Her name is Brooklyn, she is an all white Siberian Husky, & she is the cause of this belief.
  15. I have put more effort in to this list than any of my online dating profiles.