As requested from @Nicholas
  1. The most obvious thing to me are the strings.
    It's like they told Jonny Greenwood to have at it. The strings replace the gritty & ratcheted up guitars of their peak rock stuff (the Bends, Hail to the Thief, Ok Computer, In Rainbow).
  2. Many classic Radiohead touches still shine through.
    The electronic sounding drums. The synth bass in the opening verse. Thom's signature vocals in the chorus.
  3. The chorus
    The intensity really get cranked up when Colin's bass & the bottom register of the string section come in. Then Thom's whaling intertwines with the driving pizzicatos of the strings.
  4. The bass line from the second verse on.
    Colin Greenwood manages to sneak a funk bass line into the mix. Bootsy Collins & Wilton Felder would admire the flavor on it.
  5. The most wild thing about the song: ITS A POP SONG!
    Radiohead writes a pop song! While it's not a Top40-radio rotator, it's catchy with a good hook. It's brighter than a lot of their entire catalog. They made a pop song with compromising themselves, in fact it manages to bring together so many of their iconic faucets.