I can't speak on the racism of it being a white man, but there is something that's deeper to this that should scare even the whitest of the nonsensical "All Lives Matter" bullshit.
  1. Tax dollars: why is my taxes going to non-lethal tactics when the first & only thing that officers reach for is a gun? Why do my taxes go to judges & courts if alleged criminals are being shot dead on site?
  2. Law: every person that is shot & killed dies an innocent person in regards to the law.
  3. Preparation: these officers appear to be unprepared to handle situations that aren't direct violent confrontation.
  4. Scary new precedent: at a certain point it will become perfectly ok for officers to fire upon someone if they can flimsily claim to be afraid without even having to go to court.
  5. Police safety: we are starting to see the violent fringe of society take up arms against cops. It doesn't help that officers involved in heinous unjust shootings aren't being held accountable. The inaction will only sway the dangerous & violent members of society into blood shed more & more.
    I don't support violence against police officers, but I can't help noticing that the two are related.