It's a brief window, but days are won or lost during these short windows of opportunity
  1. Sesame Street
    Thank the maker that this show exists. I never appreciated it as a kid, now I watch it as much as Netflix
  2. Avocado
    Cube an avocado, stick it in a fruit wand, marvel at the instant mess / fun she is having
  3. Play Pen
    Essential that Sesame Street is playing before setting her in the pen...
  4. Big Projects First
    The golden minutes of my already gilded window of opportunity are the first 10-15. I'm talking vacuuming, dishes, sweeping, putting laundry in (don't waste time folding, that's a nap time chore)
  5. Refill that Fruit Wand!
    By the gods, if she hasn't blown through her first round of fruit wand, fill that ish up!! That's the ticket to another 15 minutes
  6. Toy Pick-up / Wind Down
    Now that major areas are addressed and that wand is full, I casually pick up her toys and treat the toy box as a basketball hoop.
  7. Victory Snack or Brew
    Barring any setback, and with any luck, Sesame Street is half over and there is fruit left. I now have a clean house to sit back, indulge in some treats or crack a victory brew.