My Favorite Portland Craft Brews

I work in a highly awarded and regarded brewery in Portland, Oregon. Over the years in this industry, I have come to find some of my favorite breweries and best brews for any time of day
  1. Ecliptic - Capella Porter
    If I could have one beer on tap at home, this would take home the tap-handle. Light and Dark at the same time, doesn't rule the palette after each drink and leaves an iced coffee taste after every swig.
  2. Deschutes - Abyss '15 aged in Cognac
    Simply the best beer I have had from Deschutes Brewery. Take the already-stellar Abyss imperial stout and let it sit in cognac barrels for 6 months. Dear God.
  3. Crux (Bend, OR) - Mosaic IPA
    This beer is fresh hopped; meaning more hops were introduced to the beer (think a tea bag) to give it more hop aroma than your typical IPA. You'd be hard pressed to find a better smelling India Pale Ale
  4. Breakside - Woodlawn IPA
    In the land of IPAs, it's hard to find a true hop-forward beer that isn't just trying to shove hop flavor down our throat. A perfect example of aroma and hop bitterness that doesn't overwhelm.
  5. Deschutes - The Dissident ('14)
    I don't drink sours. Yet I will never turn down a glass of this fantastic brew. An Imperial sour, Flanders Red that sits on cherries and only gets better with age. Try it with your next meat & cheese plate