One of my favorite challenges as a dad is finding a great song that isn't a nursery rhyme or traditional lullaby. One of my parenting books suggests any song around 65-70bpm (beats per minute) mimics the heart beat they heard in the womb and helps lull baby to sleep!
  1. Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley
    I already turn to Bob when I am in need of relaxing, and the bulk of his music sits in that golden 70 bpm
  2. Sound and Color - Alabama Shakes
    I attempt to sing this every night to the wee one. The whole album very good, however this might be the only "lullaby" song on it
  3. Something About Us - Daft Punk
    This is one of my favorite songs, great rhythm to bounce to.
  4. Un Simple Historié & The Time We Lost Our Way - Thievery Corporation
    Took me a while to wean the Thievery Corp library to a couple songs but these 2 have lovely melodies and her voice is soothing
  5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - IZ
    Israel Kamakawaiole, a classic song that gets me sleepy every time
  6. A Little Soul - Pete Rock
    Disclaimer: This is instrumental hip-hop. Great beat to get in to a rocking rhythm, nice background/white noise and no lyrics.