10 Documentaries

  1. A Married Couple
    Allan King's intimate portrait of a marriage on the brink. The influence on Blue Valentine is visible throughout.
  2. Hoop Dreams
    20+ Years Later and still the best.
  3. Brick City (Sundance)
    This Peabody award-winning series is riveting & cinematic. A chronicle of a pivotal moment in Newark's recent history. Also Corey Booker is generally awesome
  4. Catfish
    To echo everything said by @bjnovak. A film that continues to grow in relevance.
  5. High School
    Frederick Wiseman's 1960's doc is a fascinating time capsule. Voyeurism at its finest.
  6. Senna
    Asif Kapadia's film prior to AMY uses the same technique of collated footage to tell the story of the notorious Brazilian racer
  7. The Jinx (HBO)
    Still struggling to think of a more satisfying conclusion in this or any medium. And the burping.
  8. Paradise Lost (HBO)
    The definitive account of the West Memphis Three. It's harrowing and brilliant and you've probably seen it already.
  9. Who Are The Debolts?
    An intimate portrait of the Debolts. And their 19 children. Notably won the Academy Award for Best Documentary (1977)
  10. Katy Perry: Part of Me
    Have a soft spot for the genre. This one stands out aesthetically. Also, the 'elevator scene' is genuinely effective.