8 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. The first picture I ever sent on my new phone.
  2. My cat, returning to the scene of the crime.
  3. A picture that I sent to my dad so that he could walk me through jumping it without killing myself.
    Both the car and I are still alive. Good job, dad!
  4. A picture of my basement room that I had finished putting together that day.
    Spoiler alert: it stayed this clean for maybe two more days.
  5. The necklace that my sister MADE me for Christmas.
    She still hasn't gotten on Etsy. Girl could make some money!
  6. How long my hair was (post straightening obviously) before I got it cut a couple months ago.
    It took two people and four hours.
  7. A picture that I probably find funnier than most people.
  8. Elliot, aka the recipient of MOST of the love I have to give.