Not to be confused with a new years resolution. I'm moving to Dallas in two weeks to work as a voice actor! Now that my life is finally getting the Jumpstart that I've been looking for, here are a few things I wish to accomplish in this new life!
  1. Finish comedic stand up routine!
    I've been working on some stand up for the past year. It's something that I've always wanted to dip my feet into. I just need to find the courage to get up and do it!
  2. Perform said routine.
    See previous entry.
  3. Finish writing your book of sketches!
    Another one that I haven't finished! I see a pattern. I've been working on writing a book of short scenes for about a year now.
  4. Send book of sketches to every obligitarilly willing editing company.
    See previous entry.
  5. Get work with a talent agency and aquire an agent!
    Now that I'll actually be doing some work for a company as a voice actor, I'll be eligible to work with an agency! Mo work means mo money!