Some of these are gross
  1. Throw up
    When I get hungry (or even tired sometimes) I feel nauseated in a very real way and then I sometimes end up vomming. I once had to make a choice between puking in a cat's litter box for sure or running to the bathroom with only a 50% chance of making it.
  2. Stay up really late even though I'm really tired and I don't have to do any work and I know sleep is good for me
    Is this a self destructive tendency?? Is this a sign that something may be wrong with my psyche? Why would anyone do this? The Internet will still be there tomorrow! I'm not getting any joy out of refreshing Reddit!
  3. Feel as many items of clothing in the store as possible
    I respond really well to textures.
  4. Make financial decisions that I know full well to be impulsive and unwise
    I will beat myself up over a $5 movie theater soda until kingdom come. Soda isn't even good for you do you like having cavities? You have literally worked for one dollar an hour before how dare you justify spending so much money on cavity-causing sugar water you animal???
  5. Compare myself to others even though comparison is the death of the healthy creative force
    Is everyone else more successful and motivated than I am? Is this what this list is?