There are obviously a lot of problems with Twilght (ex: glorification of an abusive relationship) but I was a teenager in like 2007 and I remember the craze and still have questions
  1. It makes me wonder if this backlash is inevitable
    Is it just lying in wait for all of us?
  2. Am I inviting negativity into my life when I try to do good?? (knowing that good works will likely garner attention, purposeful or not?)
  3. It reminds me that the more popular you get the stronger your eventual backlash will be
    The question at hand right now is not if Twilight deserved its immense popularity.
  4. The following is less important:
  5. Robert Pattinson is really handsome in a lot of pictures but way less so in that movie how did they mess that up? You don't have to do a lot to make him handsome you just gotta let him be so what happened there??
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    Exhibit A: handsomeness. There is no exhibit B.