We've all spent a ton of money on Christmas and Hannukah presents that get played with for 10 minutes. Let's help each other out by adding presents to this list that 10 months later are still go to toys:
  1. Spot It
    I bought my 5 y.o. daughter (now 6) the Frozen version, 10 months later it's the only Frozen item she's still into. We play it as a family and it's fun for all of us. If you lose a piece it's not a big deal. It comes in a nice tin so the cards don't get ruined.
  2. Hardcover Books
    Some of our favorites: The Book with No Pictures, Purplicious, and any poetry collection by Shel Silverstein.
  3. CDs
    We listen to them in the car. Together we've listened to Koo Koo Kanga Roo's greatest hits, Frozen, T Swifts 1989, and Now That's What I Call Music- Disney, which gives lots of props to some of the Disney B-sides. Now to get my CD player fixed...