Besides my home teams, the others seem random but are actually nostalgic for me some way.
  1. MN Twins
    Although I do miss the days of yore: the piranhas, the metrodome, the rally room, watching Michael Cuddyer hit through the cycle that time at the game...knowing who was pitching, I'm not sure if I don't bc of who the Twins became with Mauer dominating the payroll or there presence at Target Field or if those just happen to coincide with when I had my first child.
  2. Milwaukee Brewers
    I've seen them play over a dozen times in Milwaukee and yet the roof has yet to be open when I'm there! Also, my favorite NL team.
  3. New York Yankees
    Because it's un-American no to. Also, people from Boston are like people from St. Paul...annoying. Also, how can you not?
  4. The Chicago Cubs
    Cheering for the underdog is the most fun, also frustrating (I'm from MN and have plenty of experience with this.)
  5. Minnesota Vikings
    I loved them since my Nana took me to Mankato to get autographs from Tommy Kraemer, Scott Studwell and Little Leo Lewis. I will always love them, but had to take a break during the Mike Tice years...what a moron!
  6. Gopher Football
    Again the underdog. Plus TCF stadium is the best, so is Jerry Kill. We already miss him.
  7. Wisconsin Football
    On Wisconsin! My father in law is a huge fan, so it's hard not to get excited. Plus it's fun to cheer for good teams too. I also lived in WI and my family has a house there.
  8. Dallas Cowboys
    They were the first other team I saw my first NFL game in 1987. They played the Vikings at the Metrodome. So many people don't like them (at least up here in MN)
  9. The Greenbay Packers
    Because they're consistently fantastic and it's fun to watch good football.
  10. Gopher Basketball
  11. Kentucky Basketball
    My husband and I saw them at the Maui invitational on our honeymoon. We bought standing room only tickets and they sat us court side. Tubby was the coach, they'll always have a special place in my heart.
  12. Timberwolves
    Missing Flip.
  13. St. Cloud State Hockey
    My alma matter.
  14. Whatever hockey team my niece graces each season.
    Love her.
  15. All Women's Tennis
  16. All Men's Swimming