1. Dolly Parton
    Loved her in 9 to 5, loved 9 to 5. I'm pretty sure they didn't play kids movies at the theaters in the 1980s.
  2. Daisy Duke
    Specifically for her Jeep and shorts. I also didn't comprehend her relation to Bo who I loved.
  3. Singer/Actress
    I was still under 5 and was strongly influenced by the above and Olivia Newton John.
  4. Teacher
    In fifth grade I was so bored in school I wondered how an adult could torture kids w boredom via round robin reading about Leif Ericsson; I decided then and there I'd be a teacher to do my best to prevent such torture.
  5. Stay at Home Mom
    Why work when you can hang out with kids. Kids are awesome!
  6. Art Teacher
    I was an art minor and an elementary education major. The elementary field was full of people. Combined my minor with my major.
  7. Vice Principal
    One day I would love to be a VP at a middle school. I just have to get another Master's degree.
  8. I am an Art Teacher, Stay at Home and Daisy Duke!!!!!
    I teach art 3 days per week, stay home with my kids the other 4, drive a Jeep and rock short shorts all. summer. long!