Yes, you've heard MN is cold during winter. Obviously clothes and heat can take care of that, but maybe what some people don't realize is the reasons why it is REALLY hard! Feel free to add if you're from WI too:
  1. It takes 20 minutes to get to Target
    You may not realize that we're the home of Target. We have them everywhere, we buy everything at them, and our Governor's dad started them. It's a 5 minute drive in any other time of the year, but it winter it takes at least an extra 15 minutes. Suddenly wearing dirty clothes or going without milk or food seems worth it.
  2. It's dark All. The. Time.
    Sure AK is famous for its darkness but in the winter in MN is is daylight for maybe 6-7 hours at the most. And I say daylight loosely because we seen the sun barely ever. If it is shining, it's probably -30 F.
  3. There is no where to park
    The snow takes up all the spots. If you do find a spot, snow emergency will be called and you'll get towed, every time.
  4. The snow turns to ice after 24 hours. There's no powder, you try walking through a park- in the dark only to have the icy too of the snow cut your legs.
  5. The only efficient tool to scrape off ice is a driver's license; unfortunately here they take a month to get so if it separates or you drop it in the snow you're s.o.l.
  6. The Mall of America is packed
    It's an indoor city, our respite from the darkness and cold, it's the only place see other people besides a hockey game- but at the rink everyone is WAY TOO CONCERNED about their 2 yos skating ability and puck handling to chat, but it's (the MOA) so crowded it's not fun.