I'm tired of hearing Hollywood using the same words and phrases to describe, promote their projects and praise their own work. Hello...ever hear of being humble.
  1. Iconic
    This gets thrown around when something is remade. Just because it was made before, doesn't make it iconic. I particularly am annoyed by an instance when an actress in the "new" Footloose said that it was so great to remake the movie because it was such an iconic film. It wasn't. Was it a great a great dance movie? Yes, but so are many others.
  2. Epic
    This One is overused. I just heard it used correctly to describe The Hunger Games books, but am still annoyed.
  3. Telling Gabourey Sibide how beautiful she looks.
    Lots who interview her do it. Most poorly- Mario Lopez once did it without actually looking at her! He stumbled and stuttered too. Instead of lying, just talk to her about her work! No one likes a false compliment.