aka please read The Waves
  1. The Waves, "Yet Byron never made tea as you do..."
    "...who fill the pot so that when you put the lid on the tea spills over. There is a brown pool on the table—it is running among your books and papers. Now you mop it up, clumsily, with your pocket-handkerchief. You then stuff your handkerchief back into your pocket—that is not Byron; that is you; that is so essentially you that if I think of you in twenty years' time, when we are both famous, gouty and intolerable, it will be by that scene; and if you are dead, I shall weep."
  2. To the Lighthouse, "So that is a marriage, Lily thought..."
    "...a man and a woman looking at a girl throwing a ball."
  3. Mrs. Dalloway, "She had a perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs..."
    "...of being out, out, far out to sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day."
  4. A Room of One's Own (okay, not *technically* a novel), "That a famous library has been cursed by a woman..."
    "...is a matter of complete indifference to a famous library."
  5. Jacob's Room, "It is thus that we live, they say, driven by an unseizable force..."
    "...They say that the novelists never catch it; that it goes hurtling though their nets and leaves them torn to ribbons. This, they say, is what we live by—this unseizable force."
  6. Between the Acts, "D'you think people change?..."
    "...Their clothes, of course...But I meant ourselves"
  7. The Years, "Old age must have endless avenues..."
    "...stretching away and away down its darkness, she supposed, and now one door opened and then another."
  8. Orlando, "The change of sex, though it altered their future..."
    "...did nothing whatsoever to alter their identity. Their faces remained, as their portraits prove, practically the same."
  9. The Voyage Out, "To feel anything strongly was to create an abyss..."
    "...between oneself and others who feel strongly perhaps but differently. It was far better to play the piano and forget the rest."