1. "This house was built in 1835 but, as you can see, the antiquated design elements suggest the work of a second-rate architect in love with the past who never had an original thought in his wasted life."
  2. "The kitchen is cramped because the builder was an antebellum slaveowner. Everything here is based on a system of coercion and racism, the crudest form of collectivism. Conformity to a racist tradition does not constitute a human identity. This building is the emblem of a depraved society, and no home for free men."
  3. "Look at the layout of this bedroom: Simple. Clean. Perfect for rational, passionate lovemaking."
  4. "This house is a reflection of the reason of man. Reason integrates man’s perception by forming abstractions, raising man’s knowledge from the perceptual level of animals to the conceptual level that he alone can reach. This house has a reason and beauty that no palace can match. Your dolls are trash."
  5. "You are undertaking the highest transaction: the acquisition of property. If you love this house, if you love your lives, you must value them appropriately. Anything else is a compromise with death."
  6. "This house is a moral crime."