Oh the Places I Want to Go!

In honor of listing my favorite vacations/places to visit two weeks ago I'd like to go over the trips yet to come. Some are bucket list-type places while others I'm hopeful to see someday but won't die unhappy if I don't. Does that make sense?
  1. Liverpool, England
    I've been to England (London only) but about 6 years ago I began following English soccer and fell in love with Liverpool FC. I want to see a match at Anfield and see the sights of the city that was birthplace of the Beatles.
  2. Hawaii
    Not sure what island(s) specifically but this is high on my list. I want to see the pretty beaches, pay my respects at Pearl Harbor, and hike a volcano.
  3. Yosemite
    I have been to several national parks but never here. I gots to see it in person before I croak...along with...
  4. Grand Canyon
    I've been told you have to see it once in your life and I plan on making that happen.
  5. Scotland and Ireland
    I'm bunching these two together since I envision doing a tour of both in one trip at some point. Lots of ancestors came from these parts and I'm always hypnotized by the beauty I see from pictures and movies. (They shot the end of the Force Awakens in Ireland so that's a great excuse to incorporate a Star Wars gif!!)
  6. Germany
    Lots of ancestry here as well and I want to soak in the good and bad history in this part of Europe.
  7. Northern California
    I've been to SoCal (as a 4th grader) but never seen the north. I've always wanted to see and experience San Francisco, Carmel, Monterrey, Napa, etc. Maybe even play golf at Pebble Beach?
  8. Washington and Oregon
    Is it possible to love a part of the country that you've never visited? That's me and the Pacific Northwest. I should've listed this first even though this is not in any particular order.
  9. Boston
    I've been here once...for one night to see a hockey game...but I didn't get to experience Beantown. I've got to see a game at Fenway and visit Lexington and Concord and see Cheers and every other stereotypical Boston sight.
  10. Canada
    It is a vast land full of amazing places. I'd love to see Vancouver, Toronto, and the Canadian Rockies
  11. I know there at more cities and places but these come to mind first. I'm open to seeing Australia and parts of Asia but those locales don't interest me as much as the list above....