Stuff I've Never Done

AKA Never Have I Ever...
  1. Seen an episode of Gilmore Girls
    The reboot has been so hyped I feel like I'm missing out but I don't think I care
  2. Snow ski
    I love snow. I love the mountains. I have never skied.
  3. Seen the Big Lebowski
    Often quoted and referenced...and I am clueless
  4. Made love outside in the rain.
    Long been a fantasy of mine but never come close to happening unless you count that time I got busy with a fine young lass in my college apartment with a ceiling leak.
  5. Shot a gun
    And I don't plan to. Not anti-gun but I'm kinda scared of them and feel my life is okay without this experience
  6. Uploaded a video to YouTube
    This makes me unique amongst people younger than 40, right?
  7. Ridden a motorcycle
    This gonna happen. I'm a due for a midlife crisis any year now and this will be part of it!
  8. What about my fellow listers? Anything fun or surprising or shocking that you've never done?
  9. Played 18 holes of golf..
    I played 9 once and it was my personal hell😂
    Suggested by   @cvlop61