Oprah is only human and can only take so much before she snaps. These are my fav human Oprah moments
  1. A Million Little Pieces - James Frey
    After inducting James Frey's book into the Oprah book club in 2006, she interviewed him. Later the Smoking Gun released an article called 'The man who conned Oprah'. That called out all the lies in his book. Oprah had him back on the show again to discuss the allegations, And like a total moron he admitted to lying to THE OPRAH. Her eyes turned red and she turned into an enormous snake monster and bathed the audience in his blood. It's all on YouTube.
  2. Lindsay
    Ugh where do I begin. Oprah gave Lindsay a show. A documentary, if you will, about her sobriety. But shit hit the fan when it was obvious Lindsay was still out partying and not letting the camera crew into the apartment that the Big O BOUGHT Her. In SoHo! Oprah cussed her out and hugged her and they haven't spoken since. God bless the Oprah Monster.
  3. Beloved and the Mac n Cheese
    Beloved was oprahs passion project! A movie she produced and starred in😒. It came out in 1998. Opening up at #5 in the box office that weekend, losing to #1 Practical Magic and #2 Bride of Chucky. Oprah didn't take this well and went on to say that she went into a "macaroni and cheese tailspin" eating up to 30lbs of Mac and Cheese in her depression! Ugh to be a fly on the wall watching her pound down 30 lbs of Mac n cheese. She is truly a gift from God.
  4. "I ain't gonna be no slave!"
    In 2004 Oprah and Gayle were doing those dumb ass LifeClasses and went to a remote colony in Maine where people lived like it was 1628. I don't think it was until mama O and Gayle were in full costume, and on the grounds, that she realized 1628 probably wasn't the best time to be black. She wanted to teach us all a lesson about being away from technology, but that soon shifted. All she could say is, "I ain't gonna be no slave!" Turns out she forced people there to give her their food rations.
  5. Streisand
    The Year was 2003 and Streisand was on Oprah. She wasn't there to make friends. She was there to take over. The episode started and all anyone could notice is that Oprah was on the wrong side of the stage. That's right She got Streisand-ed so Babs could be shot from her good side. After her performance in all white holding a white dog? (Batshit crazy woman) Oprah asked, "where did you get a white mic." And Streisand responded, "I painted one of yours." They haven't spoken since.