Requested by Dena


Requested by @dena.
  1. OCC Lip Tar in matte black or Black Dahlia!
    This stuff will stay on all night no matter what you put it through. So it's great when you kiss an audience member and they can't get it off. You're welcome!
  2. Travel Shot
    So you can start your night in the car ride over. (Don't drink and drive use a cab) and always buy your drag queens drinks. "It takes a lotta money to look this cheap!"
  3. Dollah billsssss
    Always tip your drag queens! Even when you're a drag queen. Big dick bucks don't count in a drag bar! Sorry @spillman, @jeremysomething and @alexander
  4. Mini Altoids
    Not for me, but for the stank breath of the queens around me! Booze breath is a real condition!
  5. Translucent Powder Puff!
    When you start to shine hit yourself with a heavy translucent powder and you'll be fine. Just fill a powder puff up and throw it in between your boobies!
  6. Glitter!
    To throw in the faces of your enemies... And friends! Everyone loves glitter and it'll stay with them forever!!!!
  7. This picture of Oprah!
    Just for guidance.