Some of my fav drag terms you can use in everyday office life.
  1. Hunty!
    Honey mixed with Cunty. (A good thing.) "Hey hunty how was the gig?"
  2. Fish!
    1. A drag queen that could pass as a woman. "Yeah she's so fish she smells like trout" 2. Actual girl. Vagina.
  3. Gig!
    This could mean anything according to Alyssa Edwards of RuPaul's Drag Race. "Hand me my gig, I need to text my hunty." (Phone) "I need to get up in this gig girl" (wig) "That bitch snatched my gig" (stole your spot in a show) Just start using gig a lot and people with think you're cool.
  4. Trade!
    A straight guy that fools around with other men/drag queens. But you'd never be able to tell. "Meatball looked so fishy last night she pulled trade!"
  5. Nurse!
    First heard from Willam Belli. When someone needs help just call for a nurse. This is shade in its purist form. If someone walks by in a garbage outfit just shout out "Nurse!" They'll know they shouldn't have shown up to function looking a mess.
  6. Shade!
    When you read someone to filth. Just being rude for fun. Try it with friends! Commonly referred to as Throwing Shade.
  7. Good Judy!
    A good friend. A close companion. "Oh last night my good Judy came over and we Ki-Kied all night."
  8. KiKi!
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    A fun get together of friends. Usually gays drinking and watching the Lindsay Lohan Docu series. Produced by Oprah. Watch it. "This Kiki is marvelous! But Lindsay better play by Oprah's rules. Oh god Oprah just said Shit!!! Oh fuck she just said fuck!!! Ohhhhhh Oprah just mentioned she said fuck! Ohhh you're playing with fire Lindsay!!!"
  9. Oprah saying shit.
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    You need to watch this documentary.
  10. Kai Kai!
    When two drag queens hook up in drag. It doesn't happen often but I'm sure its a mess when it does! Not to be confused with KiKi! "We KaiKai-ed and now there's glitter everywhere and I think she stole my good eye lashes."
  11. Reading!!
  12. Beat For The Gods
    When your makeup is so on point even our lord and savior would be jealous. "Her face was beat for the gods last night. So I snatched her wig." Same as Painted to filth.
  13. Brought the House Down Boots!
    When someone's performance is incredible! "OMG you should've been there last night she brought the house down boots mama!"
  14. MawMaw
    Drag term for friend. Usually drawn out to an annoying length. "Yasss gawd Maw Maw you had the place turnt out Boots!"
  15. Tea or T
    The truth. The gossip. "Ohhh I'm about to spill the tea on the fight last night!"
  16. Flah-Zay-Dah
    A mix between Blasé and laissez-faire and la di da? That Pearl used as a way to describe her laid back attitude. It's now the name of her perfume available online! Flazéda by Pearl!