Expect more lists but right now I don't have any so here's some photos of me since I was gone... until I finish a real list.
  1. Here I am as Oprah
  2. Here I am as CatWoman
  3. This is me and mystique. That's my friend Tiger. She's amazing. But she got blue on my costume and for that I can never forgive her. RIP Tiger.
  4. Here I am as a white woman.
  5. Here I am as a fast food meal
  6. Here I am in New York for Halloween. In front of Fat Black Pussycat... Pretty much where I need to live.
  7. Here I am at Club ChaCha in Alhambra. Someone gave me $100 to meet them in their car after the show. I took the money and had the bouncer and my room mate escort me to MY car... And I laughed all the way home. I'm a good Christian woman.
  8. Here's me and the guy that gave me the $100. Are there any lawyers on here. If I said "ok!" Is that a legally binding contract? Can he sue? Get back to me.
  9. Here's me backstage at Beatchu's Bayou. It was fight club themed. I was the only one who showed up looking disheveled.
  10. This is further proof that I am the only one who looks like they got into a fight.
  11. This is me as my new character Regeorgia. (Like Georgia twice). A 75 year old slot machine player who lives in Reno. She loves fast money, cheap men, and taking care of her 45 year old son Antony. Not Anthony... Antony. She was drunk the signing of the birth certificate.
  12. Here's Regeorgia promoting my new show at Precinct in DTLA. 10pm. Dec. 8. You should come and see me and two friends do celebrity impersonations and campy drag. Something LA could use!
  13. Also if you know this man ... Don't tell him to come to the show. He probs wants some money back. And I ain't willing to part with it.
  14. Until next time here's me and a hot guy and @joenivens giving side eye on the left.