Yesterday I created a monster that goes by the name @beefball. I got to cross one of the people off my dream drag makeover list @jeremysomething!!!! Special guest appearances in the back ground by @spillman and @neil!
  1. Before: So cute, so pure, so nice.
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    It was at this point that I realized Jeremy is white, I however am not.
  2. First start by covering the eyebrows with school glue
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  3. Powder them
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  4. Cover with a makeup that hopefully matches
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  5. Hit all the highlight spots!
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  6. Then base out the rest of his face with something that doesn't match his skin
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  7. Add contour!
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  8. Powder and cook
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  9. Look at this mess
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  10. Started his eyes
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  11. Then decided he needs bigger MeatBall eyes.
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  12. Throw some glitter at it boo thang and buff out the face.
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  13. Draw on huge eyebrows
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  14. Add white under the brow and blend the purple in
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  15. Throw on some lipstick and a beauty mark
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  16. Now for the lashes!
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  17. She's almost ready. But she needs a dress.
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  18. And meatballs signature wig!
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  19. And food and drinks.
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  20. Such a proud mother
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  21. Like mother like daughter.
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  22. Her name is @beefball and it's like looking in a white funhouse mirror of myself
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  23. You haven't seen the last of her
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  24. BeefBall is adopted. Don't tell her.
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