Yesterday I created a monster that goes by the name @beefball. I got to cross one of the people off my dream drag makeover list @jeremysomething!!!! Special guest appearances in the back ground by @spillman and @neil!
  1. Before: So cute, so pure, so nice.
    It was at this point that I realized Jeremy is white, I however am not.
  2. First start by covering the eyebrows with school glue
  3. Powder them
  4. Cover with a makeup that hopefully matches
  5. Hit all the highlight spots!
  6. Then base out the rest of his face with something that doesn't match his skin
  7. Add contour!
  8. Powder and cook
  9. Look at this mess
  10. Started his eyes
  11. Then decided he needs bigger MeatBall eyes.
  12. Throw some glitter at it boo thang and buff out the face.
  13. Draw on huge eyebrows
  14. Add white under the brow and blend the purple in
  15. Throw on some lipstick and a beauty mark
  16. Now for the lashes!
  17. She's almost ready. But she needs a dress.
  18. And meatballs signature wig!
  19. And food and drinks.
  20. Such a proud mother
  21. Like mother like daughter.
  22. Her name is @beefball and it's like looking in a white funhouse mirror of myself
  23. You haven't seen the last of her
  24. BeefBall is adopted. Don't tell her.