1. Elmers 'non-toxic' glue
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    This is what we use to cover our eyebrows and glue them down. Yes, this and if you have a cut it burns... It says non toxic but this can't be healthy.
  2. Duct tape
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    To put your business up inside you. I've never looked at the ingredients, but anything made for air ducts probably doesn't belong on my taint.
  3. Goo Gone
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    This is to get the residual from the duct tape off. Also Filled with chemicals but leaves you smelling zesty!
  4. Powder!
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    Any powder that contains Talcum is terrible for you. If you breath it in to much you can catch "white lung" cause it's just sits in you. New makeup companies are making talc free powders but it's way more expensive.
  5. Facial Antiperspirant!
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    Imagine everything terrible from your underarm antiperspirant and condense it down to a liquid that you spray on your face so you don't sweat your makeup off! The bottle clearly says the more often you use it the better the effects! Hello dementia!
  6. Super Glue
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    For nails. Watch out if you got hang nail, shits about to burn!
  7. Marble Setting Spray
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    A make up setting spray so strong synchronized swimmers use it in competitions. Yes, you can swim and your makeup won't move. But it burns when you spray your face, so good luck.
  8. Dish Soap!
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    Easiest way to get make up off... But it really isn't made for contact with the skin. Also Dawn really is the best.