1. "Oh they had a lot of energy today!"
    "They wouldn't stop screaming, kicking, punching and making noise and didn't listen to a damn thing I said!"
  2. "They had trouble keeping their hands to themselves today."
    "They punched me in my junk."
  3. "They were very physical"
    "They bashed my junk."
  4. "I think they were a little bit violent, but they apologized."
    "They wouldn't stop punching my junk and I forced him to say sorry."
  5. "Honestly, they're my favorite kids to watch!"
    "Please don't fire me. I need a new pair of heels!"
  6. "His homework flew by!"
    "He tried to stab me with a pencil but we're cool now!"
  7. "Sorry I wish I could stay late but I have a show tonight!"
    "Netflix has the new season of Law and Order: SVU and I gotta see what Mariska is up to!"
  8. "I just felt like Iron Man was too violent for them at this age."
    "I didn't want to watch Iron Man."
  9. "We went for ice cream but don't worry it's on me!"
    "I'll take the $5 for the ice cream, and an extra $1 for rainbow sprinkles and cookie butter cone. And whatever you feel is fair for gas."
  10. "We had some real 'ah ha moments' today."
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    "We watched 4 hours of Oprah Life classes cause it was to hot outside."