A few tips and tricks to help you snatch your body and get an hour glass figure.
  1. This is my curvy body... And every part of it is artificial! So if you also want to be a beautiful fake woman but don't wanna spend the money on surgery here's how I do it! (Disclaimer: I don't wish this on my worst enemies)
  2. Me out of drag.
  3. Duct Tape (biological boys only)
    It ain't gunna hide itself.
  4. Rubber waist cincher
    Step one: put this bad boy on. It just gives you the initial tightening you need. It also is made of rubber, so it's flexible enough for you to bend over for the next step, but also doesn't allow air flow. So you get to sweat off those extra pounds!
  5. Opaque Dance Tights!
    This is just the base tights. Hiding all your legs imperfections and squeezing in anything that might jiggle... Wear two if you want your toes to go numb!
  6. Foam hip pads cut for your body.
    This is just 4 inch foam cut to fit down the thigh. You do have to shave the inside to give it a natural look.
  7. 3 pair of control top sheer tights
    You may ask, "Meatball, why so many? Won't you be hot? Is it uncomfortable?" And I'll respond, "Because you need the layers to cover the weird yellow color of the pads. Yes it's hot, yes it's uncomfortable. Buy me a drink!"
  8. Second Rubber Waist cincher!
    This goes over all the panty hose to hold them in place and also to start squeezing you in more.
  9. Colorful pair of undies!
    Yes! Over all 5 pairs of tights and pads! If you don't you'll look like a Barbie and it distracts people from your enormous tits.
  10. Granny Bra!
    Total coverage and so comfortable. I like them in black and with a comfort band! Also the largest size you can find for your shape! I like my proportions to be cartoonish so I rock a sweet E cup!
  11. Titties!!!!
    My boob stuffing is just jersey stuffed with Beanie Baby filling that I stole from my moms collection. My boobs contain the rare artifacts of the Princess Diana bear and Ringo the Racoon. They're basically the sweatiness collectors items you'll ever touch.
  12. Steel boned underbust corset and a friend to pull the strings!
    YES, STEEL! May I suggest not sitting! Have a friend cinch you in until you have trouble breathing. Wait 10 minutes and have them pull it tighter! It's fun! Expect minor pain the next day. But "Nothing feels as good as skinny hurts!"- a quote I read in a book I heard.
  13. 6 inch strapless platform heels
    Anything less than 6inches isn't a heel and should be burned. If your feet don't constantly hurt we can't be friends. I specify strapless because a strap cuts the line of the leg making your legs look shorter. If you want even longer looking legs wear a nude pump.
  14. Gaze the body.
  15. Putting all this on shouldn't take any longer than 45 minutes.
  16. Bonus of @jeremysomething @spillman @alexander and I hanging.