1. I have very negative views of myself as far as my body image is concerned.
  2. My future goals are nonexistent.
  3. I have a for real struggle when it comes to understanding, admitting I have, and talking about my feelings.
  4. I need to grow the fuck up and maybe they could coach me.
  5. I be SCRESSED.
    A bitch graduated college in May and has been a full time first year 11th grade teacher since August.
  6. Nobody can ever really follow my logic.
    Am I the problem or the rest of these niggas dumb?
  7. I wanted to develop as a human being but more so as Megan.
    What I've recently realized is that I am ONLY 22 years old. Up until now, I've considered my life on a miniature scale. I never thought about life after college and I'm all of a sudden living it. The most shocking revelation to me is that I actually have not lived. The way I'm seeing things now, life has only just begun!
  8. I want to believe the previous point on this list, but the way my brain is wired, I almost immediately began to tear it apart piece by piece and give my self reasons why it was impossible and I'd never be that happy with myself.
    I may or may not be depressed again. I was diagnosed once a few years back but never treated for it.
  9. I can't leave these "friends" of mine alone, knowing damn well I'm risking my relationship out here tryna be everybody's best friend
  10. I just admitted things to a social network world that I've never said out loud or ever really admitted to myself.