1. I wish I hadn't ate [insert trashy ass fast food] for dinner. My stomach on "bitch, you tried it."'
  2. I wonder what Tevin is doing...
  3. 😳Can I not sleep because he ain't here?
  4. Am I for real in love? To what degree?
  5. Wtf is love? Like for real...
    Somebody answer this fucking question please.
  6. I need to take better care of my body
  7. I should make a grocery list
    Y'all should see how many of these bitches I write a day smh and STILL never go
  8. What's new on Instagram?
  9. *while on insta* - I wish I looked like her. - she's so pretty. - wow, that looks delicious. - I wish that was my life.
  10. I need to find a self help book that can inspire me to not be lazy and then maybe I'll be happy
  11. I hope nobody texts me. I don't feel like talking
  12. I'm gone be tired af in the mornjng
  13. Fuck, I gotta go to work tomorrow
  14. I gotta fucking pee
    Forces self to sleep instead